I wonder what it would be like if all the multi-exposure/HDR/Machine Learning technologies in the iPhone XS or Google Pixel were applied to a full frame camera with interchangeable lenses. Would that be the ultimate camera, in terms of picture quality? Would the technology not even work in that kind of camera for some reason? Would it work but not be necessary anymore? Are DSLRs more advanced than I even know, and do some of this stuff just as good as the latest iPhone or Pixel already?

Tonight I finally coded new and better input forms for Simple Call Blocker, my free iOS call blocking utility. The old ones were woefully amateurish (which I knew) and did not handle large text or small screen sizes too well.

⚾️ 106 wins for the Red Sox! That’s a franchise record. I can’t believe it, at least compared to how they ended last season.

⚾️ The last two Red Sox/Indians games felt like playoff baseball: close games, extra innings, nail-biting situations at the mound, etc. As a Red Sox fan, I hope my team can win a series against a team as good as the Indians (or, more importantly, the Yankees). Over the past week, I have been reminded of their actual playoff appearances the past two years, in which they lost in the divisional series.

My wife baked a delicious apple cake (yes, cake, not pie) this afternoon. We dusted it with confectioners sugar and topped it with whipped cream before serving. It was so good that my wife and daughter had seconds.

I’m launching my Mac for the first time in about a week tonight. It’s time to get back to coding and writing at night.

It certainly felt hot today as I took my family to a town fair and planted mums. When does fall weather begin?

I am very pleased with macOS Mojave.

It is not an exciting upgrade, I guess, but it is a solid one. Everything works. Everything is stable. Dark mode looks great and is useful. The Dock now has a second divider between pinned apps and running, non-pinned apps, which I like. Performance is just as good as with High Sierra on my 5-year-old MacBook Pro. All in all, macOS is a mature OS with a great amount of polish. While not exciting, and not substantially different from its predecessors, it represents the pinnacle of desktop operating systems (and shells).

So, of course, hours after I upgraded my Mac to the Mojave beta, Apple releases another beta. Not that it matters much, while I am working, but my Mac is back on a black screen for 30 minutes or so once again.


I am upgrading my MacBook Pro to Mojave today. This is the latest into September I have waited to jump on the beta train since I started developing a Mac app several years ago. I do wish macOS upgrades were as quick and foolproof as iOS upgrades are. Last year’s upgrade nearly killed my old machine. I hope this one will work out.

Sigh. No stainless steel Apple Watch for me (probably).

MacStories has a good overview of the Apple Watch Series 4. For me, because I planned to upgrade this year, the most important bit of information (which Apple glossed over in their presentation yesterday) is the price:

If you like stainless steel Apple Watch models, I’m sorry. The steel variants are only available with cellular capabilities, which is a $100 price increase from aluminum models. As such, stainless steel Series 4 models have a starting price of $699. Steel models also still cost the old $50 to upgrade size to 44mm, so the starting point for the larger steel Series 4 is $749. All of these baseline prices only get you a sport band, so you’ll be shelling out even more if you want to pick up a nicer watch band as well. (At least your old bands still fit though!)

I really wanted a stainless steel Apple Watch, mainly because it looks so much better, in my opinion, than the anodized aluminum ones. But $749 is too expensive for me to buy a watch that I will probably want to replace in only 3 years. On top of that, I don’t think I need the cellular connectivity, either.